Welcome to marvellous March!

As things warm up, they can get rather messy around Calgary and the rest of Alberta and Canada. All that snow and ice has to go somewhere and once it melts it can cause some big, dirty puddles. With that in mind, this month’s newsletter is about how to help spring along. It’s the time when all Canadians turn their faces to the warmth of the sun after the brutality of winter and, like all of us, spring could use a bit of a helping hand. 

Here are four ways to help spring displace winter.

Clear storm drains.

Storm drains are the city’s responsibility, of course, but if you have any near your home, like out in front or in the back alley, you can help things move along by making sure any storm drains and manholes near your home have clear paths for the melting snow and ice to escape. 

Chipping away the ice so there is a trough for meltwater to flow into the drain can help prevent those huge lakes of mud from forming. 

Distribute the snow. 

You likely have large snow banks built up in certain places in your yard from shovelling. As the snow melts, the parts of your yard with less snow will naturally melt faster than the areas with more snow. As it melts, you can distribute the larger piles around the yard so it all melts at a steady rate. This will help prevent those stubborn, dirty ice piles from forming that take ages to melt.

Clean up.

As wonderful as it is to see the temperature rise and the snow decrease, one unfortunate reality of spring is that all that melting snow uncovers the trash that was hidden before. You’ll want to do a clean up of your own yard if any refuse has found its way into it, but you can also help clean up other, public areas if you have the time, energy and inclination. 

Parks, inner-city wetlands and other areas will all be melting and revealing their trashy treasures as spring advances. You can do your part to make sure it’s a pleasurable spring for all by grabbing a trash bag and pitching in to help clean up. 

Start planning.

Everything works better with a plan in place and that includes your landscaping, your gardening and even your spring cleaning. Know what you are going to do by writing it down and making a plan. 

For spring cleaning, which rooms are you going to do? What days are you going to do them? Who is responsible for what? Do you have all the cleaning supplies you need? Having a plan in place will give you momentum to get started and keep you on track once you have. 

For your garden, what are you going to plant? What will be the layout? What will grow where? Do you have to consider crop rotation? Do you need any supplies? Do you need to start anything early inside? 

And for landscaping, what are you going to grow and how do you want your yard to look? Do you have all the supplies you need?

It may still be a tad early to actually get started on some of these things, but it’s never too early to start planning. 

Spring is the ultimate time for renewal, but it’s even better if you can get involved by helping it along a little. We’re all making our way out from under the heaviness of winter and even spring itself can use a helping hand. You know what else can help usher in spring? Having your home ready for it with some new shades, awnings or rolling shutters. Contact us to discuss any of your home shading needs.