Residential Aluminum Shutters in Calgary

A secure house is a peaceful home. We can help make your house a home. Besides keeping intruders out, shutters also provide superior insulation over indoor blinds, reducing your cooling and heating costs. Our exterior window shutters will give you peace of mind while you are away on a hard-earned vacation or at home asleep. This is an investment that you will never regret.

Replacing your shutters with aluminum roll shutters also saves energy by helping you keep warm air inside in the winter, and keep the sun’s heat out in the summer. The heroal RS-42, one of our more popular residential shutters, can reduce your window’s U-value by up to 43%, increasing efficiency beyond what a window alone can provide, and  a 35% improvement over indoor blinds.

These insulating properties also protect against noise. If you live near a busy highway or railroad, or other particularly loud surroundings, our residential roll shutters can reduce ambient noise by 10 dB compared to a closed window, letting you sleep soundly and enjoy peace and quiet at home in almost any weather.

The heroal Shutter Advantage
If you’re looking at installing roll shutters on your home or garage, look to the very best: heroal.  Designed to German engineering standards, heroal shutters stand out from the competition in their quality construction, strong and sustainable materials, and consistent supply chain.

Ultralite’s heroal shutters also come in a variety of colors — not just plain aluminum — to fit your house’s style. Our roll shutters are available in basic anodized aluminum, but also white, beige, brown and black. And with our single-source supply chain, our colors are consistent from one shutter to the next, and one year to the next, making replacement or upgrades easier than ever.

Heroal shutters work better too — the slats themselves use a different design from the competition, providing smoother rolling motion (including the option to install a remote control) and requiring a smaller barrel to hold the open shutter.

Why Choose Awnings and More?
Awnings and More is a local supplier of heroal shutters, based in Calgary. We use only the best roll shutters, manufactured in Germany and assembled in Calgary at Ultralite’s facility, using the most automated aluminum shutter manufacturing process in all of Canada.  Automating roll shutter assembly transforms what was once a time-consuming, labor-intensive task into a simple, reliable process, bringing our customers a higher quality product, sooner, and letting us pass our savings in time and labor costs on to the consumer.

Ultralite also keeps over $1 million of shutters and parts in stock, so in the unlikely event anything breaks, we can come to your property and replace the missing component with an exact match, in fit and color, even years after we install your roll shutter.

Like all our products, our roll shutters and customers are backed with our unparalleled 5 Star Customer Experience Guarantee.  We stand behind our work and make sure that you are happy with your experience, checkout out what our customers are saying here.

Are you ready to lock down your doors and windows, and unlock energy savings and quiet nights? Schedule a free home consultation or talk to us at 587-317-6933 to learn how residential shutters in Calgary can help you regain peace of mind at home.