Commercial Rolling Security Shutters

There’s no need to compromise style to accommodate security at your commercial enterprise. Our commercial storefront shutters have been proven to substantially reduce the chances of your property being targeted for theft. At the press of a button, you can be assured that your valuables will be safe and secure. Awnings And More supplies rolling and coiling security shutters to pharmacies, liquor stores, electronics stores, jewellery stores, and many other retailers. Protecting your organization from the stress and financial burden of a break-in is a relatively minimal investment that never stops returning value.

Get Peace Of Mind With heroal Shutters
When you’re looking for the most secure rolling shutter options for your business, you should look at installing heroal shutters. Designed and manufactured in Germany, heroal shutters use the best of German engineering to stand out from their competition with unique, effective designs, solid construction and a wide variety of sizes and configurations to fit your location’s exact needs. And with our local assembly facility, we partner with heroal to produce customizable, locally assembled roll shutters Calgary businesses trust for safety and security.

Ultra Safety With UltraLite Shutters
Our UltraProtect slats use a urethane core to add strength to the double layers of anodized aluminum, making the shutters more resistant to prying attacks. If your business is a particularly high-value target, we offer even more secure solutions in UltraSecure slats with a reinforced hard form and melanin resin core, and solid aluminum UltraGuard slats.  And unlike our competition, we also harden the railings, providing deeper, more rigid guide rails with multiple levels of security appropriate for any customer. The HTF Secure Guide with Wind Lock is our strongest guide rail, with the highest level of tamper resistance. Our shutters also use anti-pushup curtain attachments capable of withstanding a much stronger upward force, making it much more difficult to break the lock or lift away a locked shutter..

The Best Roll Shutters In Calgary
When you’re ready to install your first roll shutters, or expand and replace existing ones that aren’t up to today’s standards, Awnings and More is your source for heroal and UltraLite shutters in Calgary. With our state of the art automated assembly process, the most efficient in Canada, we can bring you quality aluminum shutters in a fraction of the time. And we pass our savings on to you, our customers, with some of the lowest prices for security shutters in Calgary.

Our experienced installers are local, cutting down on freight and travel costs, and getting your shutters installed or repaired faster than other shutter companies can promise. At Awnings and More, we also have access to Ultralite’s extensive million-dollar inventory: if you’re dealing with a damaged or broken shutter, or adding one to a new door or window, we can easily get the exact parts you need for a seamless replacement.  If we need to order parts, we use one supplier at heroal, ensuring that your replacement parts or new shutters are a precise match, even years after installation.

Are you ready for peace of mind at your retail or business location? Schedule a free consultation or call us at 587-317-6933 to learn more about our rolling shutter solutions.