If you’re looking for a way to refresh your home, these five do-it-yourself (DIY) projects will do just that. And, best of all, you’ll have lots of fun doing them. Here are five DIY projects you could easily tackle this year.

Beautify the Yard

The first thing your guests are going to see is your yard. Consider the appeal of a beautifully manicured lawn and then strive for that. Maintain your yard, including pulling weeds, raking leaves, and making sure plants are thriving. Green is the colour you are aiming for. Consider some mulch beds with flowers that are low maintenance so they will maintain their appeal with little work.

Add Some Colour

The idea of painting may scare you, but it is a very doable DIY. A fresh coat of paint can completely change the feel of a room, and you may even look at some accent walls or stencils. Get some friends together and have a painting party. 

Update the Bathrooms

Make sure that the faucets and fixtures are up-to-date and working well. Upgrade knobs, consider a tile backsplash and consider a fresh coat of paint. A bathroom refresh can easily be done in a weekend and can really make your home feel like new again.

Declutter the House

Go room by room and get rid of things that you don’t need. Rearrange some furniture, add curtains, buy some flowers, add some pops of colour with accent rugs, switch up your art, do something small to make things different and fresh.

Modernize the Kitchen

Updating and modernizing your kitchen is going to be the most significant undertaking, but the one with the most reward. Focus on those minor repairs, making sure everything is working and looks good. Examples include leaking faucets, loose light fixtures, and countertops.

There are so many options to spruce up your home, some of which you may want to do even if you aren’t looking to sell right now. By spacing out these projects, you’ll make them even more affordable and get to enjoy them throughout the year! Here are a few more ideas.

  • Add a simple island table to the kitchen
  • Instead of replacing cabinets, repaint them
  • Use peel and stick covering to make your appliances look like stainless steel
  • Put some floating shelves up
  • Paint the front door a bold colour
  • Add a fence to the backyard
  • Paint the garage floor to make it easier to keep clean

If you’re on a mission to freshen up your house, investing in some awnings and shades is a great idea. Give us a call at 587-317-6933 and ask us about installing or updating awnings and shades in your backyard.