Who says Valentine’s just has to be a day?

Make the whole month of February a Valentine’s month and show some love to your home!

Start at the top

Start at the top by checking your roof and gutters for ice dams and icicles and clearing them out of the way. The water might not be flowing in February, but spring is just around the corner (no, really) and you’re going to want to make sure your eavestroughs are flowing freely when the melting begins. (It’s going to start soon, we promise. But, don’t hold us to that.)

Moving indoors, dust your ceiling fans, wash your blinds and vacuum or wash your curtains. Think of it as getting a head start on your spring cleaning. 

Spruce up that entryway

This is where people are going to get the first impression of your home (or, the interior, anway). You want them to know your home is loved, right? You’ve had a pretty nice break from the Christmas frenzy and now it’s time to make your foyer shine again. (Yes, you’ll probably need to do it again after winter is done, but it doesn’t hurt to do it multiple times.)

Clean up all the mud and snow residue, the salt and the general dirt buildup and organize all the winter footwear and outdoor gear that lives there this time of year. Thoroughly clean the floor, the mats and even the walls.

Perfect your plumbing

Moving onto plumbing, now is the perfect time to do those annual chores that you’ve been putting off. 

Check and repair caulking and grout around sinks, showers and tubs.

Check for leaks on supply lines to sinks and toilets and take any necessary action. Fix them yourself if you can or call in a plumber if need be. 

Clean your kitchen garbage disposal by running it while feeding crushed ice into it for about half a minute. This will help sharpen the blades. Then run some baking soda through it and end with some citrus peels to cut down on offensive odours and leave it smelling fresh.

Improve air quality

Vacuum and dust your HVAC system to keep all those dust particles out of your living space. 

Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and replace any batteries that need replacing.

Fix those walls

It’s a great time to repair those cracks and holes in the walls and touch up any paint that requires it. If you’re feeling especially energetic, you can really show your home some love by repainting a room or painting an accent wall somewhere.

Deal with your electricity

Test and reset all your ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. (The ones with the buttons, usually found in kitchens and bathrooms.) 

Check all your cords (extension and otherwise) for wear and tear. You can easily replace extension cords with new ones. For attached cords, you may need to take them somewhere to be replaced or try to do it yourself.

Gather up those old cords, cell phones, printer cartridges, batteries and other electronics and head to your local e-waste recycler. If you’re not sure where one is, Google will be able to help you. IKEA takes things like batteries and some types of old light bulbs. 

Deliberately declutter

Organize your bills and discard any unnecessary paperwork that has piled up. This is your chance to get your office organized and put every piece of paper in its place so you know where everything is. 

And that’s important because spring also means tax season! (Sorry, we’re not trying to ruin spring.) Get ahold of your accountant or be a DIYer and purchase your tax software and get a head start so you don’t have to worry about taxes when spring hits.

Make something for Valentine’s Day

When you’re done showing your home some love, show the people you love some love by making homemade Valentine’s Day cards, handmade gifts or baking. They’ll love it!

You know what homes really love? Brand new blinds, shutters and/or awnings. Spring is going to be here soon and following that comes the heat of summer. Be prepared. Contact us to schedule a time to discuss your awning and shutter needs.