Before December stress sets in, give yourself the gift of a tidy and well-organized home. 

These tips will help you prepare your home for the holiday season.

Start By Decluttering

Purge and declutter your home before the holidays. When it comes to decluttering, you need to be relentless.

Go through every corner of your home and clean out each space. After you’ve gotten rid of everything that doesn’t serve your needs anymore, that’s the time to organize and plan for gifts.

Deep Clean Early

After decluttering, now it’s time for a nice, good scrub. We all know it’s never a good idea to clean up forgotten spaces in your home during the holiday rush, especially with guests arriving the next day.

Now is a great time to do a thorough clean of all the neglected areas in your home. This way, you can simply do a quick clean as the holidays approach. You will be amazed at how much time and energy you can save. Making sure you have a clean and organized home doesn’t have to add to all that holiday stress!

Get Your Kitchen Ready

Food is a huge part of the holiday celebration. Are you famous for your butter tarts or tourtière?

Now is the time to take out those baking pans and other cooking equipment that you use for big occasions. Make sure your oven, stand mixer, and other key appliances are ready and working. 

You don’t want to be digging for the right mixer attachment in the middle of preparing cookie doughs, for example.

You can also stock your pantry and fridge with self-serve snacks for guests. For quick desserts and appetizers, keep some frozen pastries and pre-made appetizers in your freezer.

Prepare Guest Spaces

If you have a room or rooms that are designated for guests, make sure to prepare them well in advance. If you have a multi-purpose space, like an office that can double as a guest area, think of ways to transform the space temporarily to serve your guests staying over the holidays. 

If you live in an apartment with limited space, consider how you will accommodate guests in your home. Pull out sofas are great for small apartments with no dedicated guest rooms, for example. Make sure too that you have enough blankets and linens to keep them comfortable. If you simply don’t have any guest space at home, consider nearby hotels, friends or family members who can host your guests.

Do Some Holiday Ornaments TLC

Regardless of how carefully you’ve stored away your holiday decorations, they’re still bound to be tangled or lose parts. Don’t wait until it’s time to put the Christmas tree up before opening up your stashed holiday decorations box. It can be a disaster if you unexpectedly find glitters and parts falling off, especially if you have excited and impatient little ones. Set aside any important decor and heirloom items so you have time to clean and polish them up.

Spread Joy with Outdoor Holiday Decorations

It’s not easy to decorate your home for the holidays. There are many decorations to choose from, including wreaths, lights, garlands, and trees. No matter what style you choose, it is important to include outdoor decorations to spread holiday cheer throughout your community. 

If you have an awning, there are many ways to decorate it to make it look festive for the holidays. Twinkling lights, for one, will never disappoint. Whether colored or in warm white, these lights are a perfect way to add some holiday sparkle in your neighborhood. You can also add some winter plants and wreaths to decorate your awning for the holidays.  

If you still don’t have an awning and think that it’s a great addition to your outdoor holiday ensemble, talk to us.  Awnings And More can help you spruce up your deck for some holiday cheer.  For more information, contact us at 587-317-6933 today.