Businesses, especially those in the hospitality sector, are becoming increasingly savvy about experiential design. By integrating customized solutions into their indoor and outdoor designs, they are able to create better guest experiences in cafes, restaurant terraces, and lobbies. 

But creating a stellar outdoor space in a commercial property can be a challenge. Just because you have an indoor mall, for instance, doesn’t mean that the high-ceiling space has to feel confined or cramped. Efficient use of space is crucial – and so is cozying it up a bit, especially with window treatments.

How an awning company like Awningsandmore can help

Many establishments these days try to bring some outdoor ambiance inside their stores by installing fabric awnings at entrances and skylights. Hiring an awning company is the best way to implement this concept.

Awningsandmore offers commercial awnings, canopies, patio coverings, retractable window screens, and other types of window treatments. We also offer an entire range of options to improve any workplace or commercial establishment.

Key Benefits of Commercial Awnings for Your Business

Consider the following advantages of awnings for businesses:

Sun protection.  Outdoor umbrellas, awnings, and light-filtering screens help keep sunlight from shining right into customers’ eyes. It also keeps store floors cool – an important improvement for comfort during the summer months.

Increased bottom line. When you can offer an expanded selection of merchandise and services, it’s inevitable that your customer base is going to grow. For instance, a coffee shop with outdoor tables will inevitably attract more customers than one without.

Boosted image. Awnings and other window treatments also show customers that your business takes their comfort seriously – which goes a long way in keeping them happy and coming back for more.

Creative Uses for Outdoor Awnings

Recently, there has been a surge in both commercial and residential installations as functional applications have gained popularity, as well as aesthetic benefits such as shading, privacy screening, and moisture mitigation

The possibilities are endless. Recently, there is a trend toward custom fabricators using thin metal profiles to create a style very similar to that of a classic canvas awning while creating new designs for canopy enclosures, outdoor living spaces, covered patio awnings, and more.

Better ambiance.  Outdoor commercial space is becoming increasingly popular, with more rooftops and shared community spaces popping up across the country. Awnings are an elegant way to make these spaces feel more inviting, offering shade while allowing passers-by to see into them.

More seating options. Heading outdoors for a quick lunch break might not be feasible if you don’t have enough seating out there – but that doesn’t mean your customers can’t take advantage of fresh air. Installing outdoor furniture with awnings nearby will encourage the after-work crowd to linger longer.

Customer comfort. Whether it’s outside or inside, welcoming amenities are what keep customers coming back time after time. It could be anything from free Wi-Fi indoors to outdoor seating arrangements with umbrellas – but when you can offer all of that in one place, they’ll love it.

Invest in Quality Awnings for Your Business Today

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