Awnings are a fantastic option for upgrading the exterior of your home in 2021. Beyond just the fact that they look great, awnings provide a whole list of benefits, which we will get into here. 

Improved Aesthetics

Easily the most apparent benefit is that the exterior of your home gets an instant upgrade. The perceived value of your home will go up and it’s easy to find pergolino awning that will work perfectly with your home’s design and colour palette.

Increased Efficiency

Awnings actually help increase your home’s efficiency in both summer and winter. In summer, having a shade protect your windows will help to keep out direct sunlight, which heats up your home and causes your air conditioner to kick in more.

In the winter, an awning can help keep snow and wind away from your windows, which means less cold will be leaking into your house. 

Or, alternatively, you may opt for awnings that can be stored in winter months to keep them safe. 

Added Living Space

You may have a patio or deck on your home, but without an awning, you can’t use it all the time. It’s too hot when the sun is shining directly on it and it’s too wet when it’s raining. Put an awning over it, though, and you have a space that you can enjoy in most types of weather for three seasons out of the year. 

Awnings will give you protection from light rain as well as harsh sunshine. Speaking of harsh sunshine …

Decreased UV Rays

UV rays are not only detrimental to your skin, they can also ruin textiles, wood and most coloured surfaces. Unlike your skin, instead of getting darker and turning red with too much exposure, interior items tend to fade and get damaged from the light and heat of the sun. 

Add some awnings, though, and your curtains and other interior fixtures will be saved. 

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