We don’t know about you, but we have a pile of wedding invitations on our counter! Wedding season is in full swing! With all the excitement of the parties, the love stories, and the special events, it can be hard choosing the best gifts for a new couple.

Over half of first-time home buyers are married couples, which means that wedding presents that can double as housewarming gifts are a great option. Of course, we know that not everyone who is buying a new house is a newlywed couple. Some people are just moving up in the world with a new abode.

Either way, when that housewarming party invite comes along, it’s best to show up gift in hand.

Here are some of our favourite gifts that will help your friends get settled into their new home.

Gift #1: Welcome Mat

This can be personalized with their name, the province, or even a funny quote.

Gift #2: Potted plants

A nice potted plant instantly brightens up a room or entranceway. Score bonus points if it is easy to take care of. Not everyone has a green thumb, after all.

Gift #3: Throw Blankets

Everyone needs more blankets! You can match the colours of the new living room couch, or go neutral so they can use it anywhere. Comfort is the most important thing with a blanket, so pick the comfiest one you can find so they feel like they’re getting a hug every time they use it.

Gift #4: Candles

Candles, and faux candles, are a small yet powerful touch on any decorating theme. They can also be moved around as needed as the family settles in. It’s probably best to go with unscented candles unless you’re absolutely sure someone will enjoy a given scent.

Gift #5: Wall Prints

A nice black and white photograph or skyline of a favourite city can make a bold statement in almost any area of the house. Going with black and white will ensure you don’t get anything that clashes with their colour scheme. Another great option is a hand-painted sign with their favourite saying or even their last name on it.

Gift #6: Monogrammed Basket

Soon there will be a lot of things in the new house, and a monogrammed basket is an excellent way to help your friends organize it all. Get various sizes of them to help out even more.

Gift # 7: Platters & Serving Dishes

Whether pottery or china, fancy or casual, multi-functional or specific, everyone needs trays. Consider sending your platter with something on it! Maybe a vegetable platter or some cheese and crackers. It can act as a snack during the party and your gift will be revealed as it’s eaten away.

Gift #8: Table Settings

Put together a beautiful collection for the table including a table runner, cloth napkins, and placemats. These will bring the dining room together quickly. Bonus points if they are all machine washable. Check with them about colours and patterns so you know what to get (and, more importantly, what not to get.

Gift #9: Decorative Storage

There are some adorable sets of kitchen essentials that can double as countertop decor. A few examples are a fun spice rack, or an oil & vinegar set, or even matching canisters that can hold essentials like flour and sugar.

Gift #10: Shade & Security

This is a great one for parents who want to give their children something extra special when they get married and buy their first house. Awnings, sun screens and app-controlled roll shutters are great additions to a house and they make an already cozy house even cozier.

Gift giving is fun, regardless of the occasion. Are you looking for a gift that will make a statement while making the new house a home? Contact us today.