Brrrrr! It’s cold outside! Now that the festive Christmas season is over, the rest of winter is going to be a tough slog. Try and get outside and do some fun winter activities. Go skating or skiing or snowmobiling.

And when you’re done that, make some hot cocoa.

But, before you curl up with a warm mug of hot cocoa, check these seven things to make sure your home is comfy for the rest of this winter.

1) Test Your Smoke Detectors

Heating causes 27% of structure fires during the winter months … Yikes! So it’s worth a quick test to make sure your detectors are working well!

2) Test Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The threat of carbon monoxide poisoning is real and since your house is all sealed up from the cold, there is less ventilation. This means carbon monoxide can build up quicker. Get those detectors tested.

3) Check for Air Leaks

Is that a breeze you feel? Check for air coming into your house around windows and doors, including cracks in caulking or weatherstripping. If you need to, replace caulk and weatherstripping to keep your home sealed up from the winter cold (and save you money). A plastic window covering kit is an inexpensive way to help insulate drafty windows and an old blanket laid at the bottom of a door can help keep drafts down.

4) Clockwise Ceiling Fans

Warm air rises so using your ceiling fans to push it back down is an easy way to make your home warm and cozy! You’ll want your fan blades to run clockwise to push the air down so take a look and see which way they’re running. If they are running counter-clockwise, look for a switch that will change the direction.

5) Flush Your Hot Water Tank

Sediment builds up in hot water tanks so take a minute to flush it out (your manual should have instructions). Flushing the tank will reduce buildup and extend the life of your water heater.

6) Insulate Your Hot Water Tank

While you’re flushing your hot water tank, touch it. Is it warm? Then it’s time to insulate it. Insulating your water heater can cut standby heat losses by 25-45%, saving you 7-16% annually on your water heating bill. Call your utility company and check to see if they install insulation around hot water tanks at no cost. If they don’t, no worries, it’s an easy DIY project.

7) Program Your Thermostat

Lowering the thermostat by a few degrees when you’re not home is a simple way to save money on heating costs. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, call your heating people or you can probably install one yourself.

Now that you have done all that, your house should be ready for the rest of the winter. Through the frigid days and nights, you’ll be warm and safe.

And, as always, if you or one of your neighbors needs a quote on some roll shutters this winter or shading products (in the spring), please give us a call at (587) 317-6933 or contact us here.