It’s summer!

Things are slowly starting to open back up and go back to some semblance of normal. That means sunshine sunshine sunshine! Bring it on!

But, as much as we love feeling the warmth of the sun on us, sometimes it can be a bit much. That big ball of fire in the sky can feel like a blast furnace some days and if you don’t have any shade in your yard, that can make your outdoor experience less than pleasant.

Harmful UV rays and elevated house temperatures are just two problems that a yard with no shade poses.

You know we’re all about the shade at Awnings And More, so let’s get into it.

Try these six ways of bringing more shade into your life. 


While not as tall as their tree cousins, shrubs can still provide some shade and some of them can grow quite tall. They are easy to maintain with a pair of hedge trimmers and small birds like to make nests in them sometimes.


A long-term solution, trees are the powerhouses of the shady plants. Obviously trees take some time to grow, so what you plant now will be providing you shade some time in the future. Talk to your local nursery about what trees are the best for your yard. If you want a swift growing tree, ask them specifically about which trees grow fastest.

You might be able to get a tree that is already several feet tall, meaning you won’t have to wait as long for it to grow to a useful height.

Planting it in a south facing direction at the back of your yard will help to keep things shady. If you choose a deciduous tree, it will lose its leaves in the winter and allow the sunshine in during that season, which is exactly what you want.


Pergolas are a popular shade structure, especially wooden ones, although you can also get them in metal. They’re wonderful for growing vines on for added shade or you can opt for a vinyl lattice or a cloth canopy on top.


Similar to pergolas, Gazebos are generally more octagonal or round in shape and are more of a sheltered structure than pergolas typically are. Permanent gazebos usually have a domed roof and you can install mosquito netting to enclose them.

A popular alternative to permanent gazebos, which are usually wooden, is temporary gazebos that can be put up and taken down like a tent. These have mosquito netting for walls and cloth roofs and can be erected anywhere there is room for them. 


Coming in all sizes and colours, umbrellas are a great way to put up a small area of shade wherever you need some. Patio tables often come with an umbrella and you can use the umbrella stand on its own if you want some shade without the table.

Get some smaller umbrellas and attach them to chairs for a great little spot of shade.


You knew this was coming. It’s right there in our name! Awnings are superb for keeping the sun from shining directly into your home. Keep your house a little bit cooler during the long, hot summer with awnings. You can get retractable awnings, pergola awnings or pavilion awnings. There are also patio and window screens you can use to keep things a little cooler inside.

For keeping your home and yard shady and cool, it’s probably best to utilize some combination of all the listed items. While we can’t help you with shrubs, trees or gazebos, we definitely can help you choose the perfect awnings and window shades.