The perfect couch. The perfect window treatments. That piece on the wall you just had to have from your vacation that still makes you smile every time you look at it.

You’ve put a lot of time and energy into making your house your home. It has your unique style, and you love it!

Do you have to give up your style to baby proof your home? Nope! Your beautiful decor doesn’t have to be overruled by cheap plastic gates and ugly outlet covers to be baby proofed.

Here are some great ways to baby proof your house, while maintaining your style:

Baby Gates

Baby gates are a must for the top and bottom of stairs, and anywhere else you don’t want your little one going. But the days of ugly gates are long gone! Shop online for gates made of gorgeous woods or a beautiful fabric that matches your decor.

Cordless Blinds

Window coverings present many options, but take time to consider the safety and stability of them. Traditional mini blinds are inexpensive, but the dangling cords are a real safety hazard. Consider upgrading to Roman shades or blackout curtains to eliminate this risk. As a bonus, they come in more colourful options.

Area Rugs & Playmats

Hardwood floors are very popular in both renovated homes and new builds. But with a new baby or a toddler learning to walk, they can be a parent’s worst nightmare. Before deciding to install carpet, consider some area rug to provide a cushy area for baby to play. If you’d rather get a playmat, search online for “stylish playmat” to nab one that fits your style.

Secure Furniture

Each year we hear about how a child was crushed by their dresser or bookshelf as they entered the curious, climbing age. Securing top-heavy furniture in a way that isn’t visible to guests is easy. Don’t forget to secure televisions that are not mounted.

Kitchen Safety

Childproof locks on kitchen cabinets and doors are usually invisible, so there is no need to look for stylish ones. But when it comes to safety at the stove, you may need to get creative. If you have knobs on the front of your oven, you can find clear plastic covers that keep them from turning. If that isn’t appealing, you can also remove the knobs until you need them.

Outlet Covers

Electricity is a significant hazard, especially since most outlets are at kid level! To match your walls, check your favorite baby store for outlet covers that are paintable. And for ease of use, check out the sliding outlet protectors available online.

You know what else babies and toddlers need? Shade. (Not the kind you throw, the kind that protects them from the sun.) If you don’t have awnings on your house yet or you just want to update yours, give me a call at 587-317-6933 or reply to this email. They’re completely baby proof!