Can you believe this year is coming to an end so fast? Me either!

As I spread the holiday cheer around my home, I’m reminded that a big part of the happiness of my home is my neighbours!

Each year, I get them a little something to spread the holiday cheer… and this year I wanted to give non-food gifts. Mostly because I have a few new neighbors this year and I’m not sure about people’s allergies.

Here’s my list of ideas so you can steal them for yourself!

Doing the Dishes – Grab cute holiday paper plates, cups, and/or cutlery and tie them up with a cute bow and a note that says “Let me help you do your dishes this week!”

For the Cards – Get your neighbors a return address stamp or stickers. They’ll love these when they’re sending out cards!

Giving Energy – Wrap up a set of AA or AAA batteries with a note that says “We could all use extra energy this holiday season!!”

Family Game Night – Pick up a great family board game and wrap it up! They’ll love this gift that can be used for many years!

Holiday Washes – Tie a bow around a holiday towel and a bottle of hand soap with a note that says “We wash you a merry Christmas, we wash you a merry Christmas, we wash you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!” or simply “We ‘wash’ you happy holidays!”

Movie Night – Grab a holiday movie, Netflix gift card or a Redbox promo code (both available online) and wrap it up with a blanket. Add a note that says “For those nights that you want to stay in and be cozy this holiday season.”

With whatever gift you choose, adding a thoughtful thank you note letting them know how much you appreciate all they do throughout the year is always a great way to spread holiday cheer!

Please be safe, and have a Merry Christmas wherever you are this season.

And, as always, if you or one of your neighbors needs a quote on some roll shutters this winter or shading products (in the spring), please give me a call at (587) 317-6933 or contact us here.