You’ll find a lot of cleaning tips for living rooms and bedrooms, but what about those other spaces in your home, like the laundry room? We want all of your house to be sparkling clean, so we’ve put together this handy tips sheet for those lesser thought-of areas. 

1. Laundry Room

To organize and clean your laundry room for a summer full of grass stains, ice cream spots and dollops of mud, get rid of any empty boxes and bottles. Put your cold weather clothing into storage and give everything a good sweeping and wipe down. 

While you’re sorting clothing, do a pre-sort and put aside any clothes that have stains or marks that will need pre-washing stain removal treatment.

2. Bathroom

Always keep a window open or use the exhaust fan while the hot water is being used to prevent humidity from causing mould to grow. Toss any bottles and other containers that you don’t need and try your best to keep all surfaces and areas dry by wiping them with a dry cloth immediately after use.

3. Patio/Deck 

Check under your patio for anything that needs to be taken care of — stored items that can be discarded or animals that may have taken up residence. 

Sweep and mop your patio and touch up any paint or varnish, if necessary. 

To clean your patio furniture, spray it with water and then scrub it with a solution of water and dish soap. Use a soft brush to really get grease and dirt out. Launder the cushions according to the directions on their tags.

Sand down any rust patches and rinse them with water. You might have to do this multiple times depending on how bad the rust is. If necessary, you can always repaint your patio furniture.  

4. Kitchen

The hot weather can be an unpleasant reminder that garbage cans need to be cleaned, too. It can cause some foul odours from a neglected trash can. Give yours a scrub at least once per month during these hot weather months. 

While you’re at it, giving your appliances a scrub down is also a good idea. Things like the toaster and microwave always need attention and the fridge is more likely to have spills in it from people getting cold drinks. 

5. The Pantry

Toss expired food and that jar of that one weird ingredient that you had to hunt all over town for just to use one tablespoon of it in that one recipe. Organize all your usable items so they are easily accessible at the front of the pantry and put the lesser used items at the back.

Wipe down the shelves to get out any crumbs or other debris. 

Just like that, those lesser thought-of areas of your house are ready for the summer heat! Another way to get your home ready for the heat of August is to get some shade for your windows. Contact us to schedule a time to discuss your awning and shade needs.