We hope you are enjoying spring. In addition to spring cleaning the house, this is the time of year when most people start thinking about sprucing up their yard. Don’t worry if the snow isn’t completely gone yet. It’s never too early to start thinking about how you can make your yard look spectacular.

We’ve put together a list of four landscaping tips that can add instant curb appeal to your home, even if you aren’t a star gardener or a landscape artist.

Tip #1: Use Mulch to Cover Neglected Flower Beds

Mulch is one of the easiest and least expensive things you can use to spruce up your yard. The vibrant oranges and browns contrast against the green lawn and give the yard a manicured look. No one has to know there are years worth of failed attempts at growing flowers underneath.

Tip #2: Use Large Outdoor Planters Near Your Doors

Potted plants near your porch are an easy way to make guests feel welcomed when they first walk into your home. Don’t be afraid to go big! Large tropical looking plants in a planter that contrasts with the exterior of your home convey warmth and luxury.

Tip #3: Keep the Yard Tidy

Keeping your yard cut and weeded does wonders for its appeal. Even if you can’t afford to create an outdoor oasis, the shape of your lawn will give friends and neighbours a positive impression of your home. If you have a weed wacker, keeping those sharp, defined edges along paths and gardens also helps. The best part about this is that in most cases, it doesn’t cost anything extra from your budget.

Tip #4: Spruce Up the Mailbox

If your mailbox has three names on it and letters that are fading, it may be time to replace it. An old mailbox looks bad and is a blight on an otherwise great home. Try putting a new mailbox on your house and see how much nicer it looks with that one little change.  

Something else that really spruces up a home is a new set of awnings, shutters, blinds or other window coverings. Spring is the perfect time to start planning for those hot, Calgary summers.

If you are considering buying shades for your home, contact us and we’d be happy to set up a time to chat.