Think back to your last vacation, the one on a tropical island, with a beautiful balcony full of gorgeous colours, comfortable furniture, and a fantastic view. Before you open your eyes to look out your back window, think about how you can bring that feeling of vacation to your backyard.

As the weather starts getting warmer, the desire to get outside and enjoy it grows. Now is the time to spend a little effort turning your outside area into an oasis.

Here are some great ideas that you can use to update your outside space without spending a lot of money.

Bring the inside, out.

The items that bring you comfort inside your house can do the same outside. Comfortable seating, warmth for chilly evenings, and colors can combine to bring your outside oasis to the level of your carefully crafted interior.

Throw pillows can bring any piece of furniture to life. By adding a splash of color, they also make a space warm and inviting. Add a few to your outdoor seating and watch it instantly transform.

The same goes for an outdoor ottoman or food pouf. This trendy piece of furniture is very versatile, as it can be a table, footrest, or even an extra seat.

Tie it all together colorwise with an outdoor rug. Make sure it’s one made for outside use, so that cleaning it is easy, and that it is still comfortable enough to sit on. These three things can quickly transform the area into more of a living room feel than a back patio feel.

Think about seating.

Everyone will want to sit at some point when outside, so determining what kind of seating options you can create should be toward the top of the list.

Adirondack chairs are comfortable, long-lasting, and they don’t rust in the rain. You can get them in a variety of colors and materials. And you can dress them up with pillows or cushions. I also love that they come in kid sizes, which helps free up adult chairs for adults.

If you’re envisioning more of a private oasis than an entertaining area, consider a cute bistro table, with enough room for two. Or a small loveseat and a pair of chairs for a more intimate setting. A table is a must either way!

For those times you just want to be alone, consider a hammock. Imagine just grabbing a good book and escaping to the backyard for a few hours of quiet reading, or even a nap. You have your choice of colors here as well.

Set the stage with mood lighting.

As the sun sets over your backyard oasis, you’ll want to be able to keep the party going. Here’s where the strategic placement of lights come in. Again, there are many options to fit your theme and your budget.

Lanterns can be scattered around the seating area to create an inviting atmosphere. These can be lit with citronella candles or battery-operated ones. These lanterns don’t have to match, so keep an eye out for good deals when you’re out shopping.

String lights are an easy way to add a bit of sophistication to the outside oasis. They’re lovely for a romantic evening and a fun party. You can leave them up year-round, and create a special glow, even in the winter.

A fire pit gives you both light and atmosphere. You’ll make many memories huddled around the fire pit, roasting marshmallows, listening to music, and enjoying your company. Keep your eyes out at yard sales for a great deal.

Creating your outside oasis may not take you all the way back to your favourite vacation home, but it’s a beautiful way to design your own space. Even in cold, ol’ Calgary that summer sun can get harsh and hot. If you truly want to enjoy your backyard this summer, call us at 587-317-6933 or send us a message and ask us about installing or updating awnings and shades in your backyard.