2019 is finally here and with that means tons of resolutions to make this year the best one yet! Most people are so focussed on personal health and finances, that it doesn’t occur to them to create resolutions in other areas of their life.

One area you should consider setting some resolutions for is home improvement. Now is the perfect time to set some goals to help you better manage and care for your property.

Resolution #1: Adjust Your Spending Habits

We don’t know about you, but everyone we know could use some extra money. By doubling up on or paying extra each month on your mortgage, you can save yourself literally thousands of dollars of interest and pay off your home much faster. If you really sat down and took a deep look, there are probably some areas you could cut costs and assign that money toward your mortgage.

Resolution #2: Finish Those To-Do Lists

Have an unfinished basement or some uninstalled flooring? You aren’t alone! It’s so common for homeowners to start a project and then never finish it because of poor planning. Whether life got in the way or you ran out of money, consider making a plan to finish any projects on your to-do list. Setting a budget and deadlines will help you stay accountable. What’s even better is those projects, once finished, are probably going to increase the value of your home. So if you’re considering selling at some point, leaving them unfinished is literally like leaving money on the table.   

Resolution #3: Be Smart With Energy Usage  

It may seem silly, but taking a few minutes a day to turn off lights, check doors and windows or adjust the thermostat will help you avoid high electricity bills and help save you on maintenance fees from wearing your home out faster than necessary. If remembering the small stuff is something that you struggle with, consider using smart home devices to manage these tasks remotely. It can save you time and money!

One of the best ways you can make your home more energy efficient is by using shade during the summer to keep your house cool when it is scorching outside. We know hot summer days are a far off dream right now, but they’ll get here eventually, so you might as well start planning for them with some awnings and shades.

Contact us and we can help you with those energy saving shades.