Sometimes a spring refresh can be a better idea than a complete spring cleaning of your home. (Besides, you’ve probably deep cleaned your home several times over by now while we’ve been in lockdown.)

Try these simple, yet effective ideas for refreshing your home this spring.

1. Front porch freshen up. 

Get a brand new welcome mat and sweep and mop that front porch floor. Replace any cushions on your outdoor furniture (or, at least, give them a wash). If you’re really feeling it once you get started, you can wash the siding on your house. 

You should be able to do this without having to go through the trouble of renting a power washer. There are hose attachments available that are designed to help you clean siding, which may be helpful. 

If you haven’t cleaned your home’s siding in a while, you may be pleasantly surprised by how vibrant it can make your exterior look! 

2. Launder rugs, slipcovers and curtains. 

Put your slipcovers back on furniture when they are ever-so-slightly damp and let them finish drying on the furniture for a super snug fit. Small rugs are able to be washed at home, but larger ones might need to be sent out for professional cleaning. Launder your white sheets on a sunny day so you can hang them outside to dry and whiten them even more. 

3. Tidy that entryway. 

Put away winter gear (we promise it’s safe now) and toss any old paperwork that has piled up. Put out shoe racks and hooks for storage if your entryway doesn’t already have these things. A “miscellaneous” basket can be nice for stray items. 

4. Clean inside windows, mirrors and light fixtures. 

For an instant influx of light into your home, there’s nothing like cleaning the inside of your windows and getting the dust off all your mirrors and light fixtures. Dust can accumulate on light shades and fixtures surprisingly fast and a quick wipe down with a microfibre cloth will increase the light coming from them. 

5. Organize your kitchen counter. 

Kitchen counters are clutter magnets. You take your blender out of the cupboard for some smoothies and never bother putting it back. You put one bill down on the end of the counter and before you know it, there’s a pile of bills there. 

Start from scratch by taking everything off your counters. Anything that has a home somewhere else can be returned there and only put things back on your counter that you actually need to be there. 

6. Tweak the photos in your wall display. 

If you display photos in your home, try changing them to see how it freshens up the space. Replace colour photos with black and whites or update your family photos to reflect everyones’ current ages. You can also try changing the art in your various rooms.

7. Put plants in your place.

Flowers really brighten a room … until they wither. Why not go for a living centrepiece and plant some succulents instead? If succulents aren’t your thing, you can try cacti or wheatgrass.

8. Order photo books or prints. 

Picture books seem like a quaint idea of the past, but they don’t have to be. Dig into your phone or computer and choose some photos to print out or possibly make into a photobook to keep on your coffee table and flip through.

9. Clear clutter in the bedroom. 

An uncluttered sleeping space makes for a more serene environment and that leads to more restfulness. Doesn’t that sound great? Take everything off your nightstand and give it a wipe down. Put things away where they belong, clear the floor around it and put a fresh flower or plant, and maybe a candle, on your nightstand. You’re all ready for a good night’s sleep now.

10. Set up your patio. 

Clean off your patio furniture using warm, soapy water and let it dry in the warmth of the spring sun. Launder your pillow covers and add anything you think would brighten things up.

Something else that can help freshen up a home is brand new awnings and shades. Please contact us for all your awning and shade needs.