It takes a surprisingly short amount of time each day to get your house clutter free. Just follow these simple tips and see how much extra room you’ll have.

Why should you get rid of clutter?

Clutter in your home is often the window to clutter in your life. The average Canadian has about 52 random things attached to their refrigerator. If you see that cluttered fridge multiple times a day, you’re likely to accept it as a fact of life, which will begin to affect the rest of your life, usually resulting in buying things you can’t find, and spending money you don’t need to.

The two main ways to attack the clutter in your house without feeling overwhelmed are to do it one room at a time or one task at a time. Either way, you can tackle the whole house over the course of the month.

The Method Doesn’t Matter

You may have more than four rooms in your house, but you probably also have more than one person. So divvy up those checklists and get some help. Focus on the high traffic areas, as that is where clutter tends to build up. Just make sure you don’t move piles of things to the bedroom!

Or, pick one of these tasks each day for the month and do them in whatever order you need to, to accomplish the goal. Remember, the goal is to get rid of things you don’t need and to find a place for everything you do need.

Here are some tasks you could put on your list for the main rooms of the house.


  1. Clean out the fridge and clean the outside of it
  2. Clean the freezer
  3. Purge that junk drawer
  4. Divide the cabinets into top and bottom and tackle one section one day
  5. Then tackle the other half of the cabinets the next day
  6. Discard all expired food from the pantry
  7. Clean off all countertops

Living Room & Dining Room

  1. Clean out coat closet
  2. Purge DVDs and video games you don’t need anymore
  3. Clean off the coffee table and end tables
  4. Tidy up toys and books and find them a place and get rid of toys nobody lays with anymore
  5. Clear off all flat spaces
  6. Find a place to put mail that won’t pile up
  7. Set the table for dinner to discourage people from putting things on the table


  1. Purge the closet of clothes you don’t wear
  2. And shoes, purge the shoes
  3. And bags! And coats, and suitcases
  4. Purge your drawers, especially socks
  5. Clear off all dresser tops, finding a place for things or discarding them
  6. Clean out purses, bags, briefcases
  7. Purge the linen closet


  1. Clean out under the sink
  2. Check the shower and tub for empty toiletry bottles
  3. Dispose of expired medicines (responsibly)
  4. Purge old towels
  5. Organize cleaning supplies, so they are easy to grab
  6. Discard old make-up or hair supplies
  7. Put all trial size toiletries in a cute container to leave for guests to use

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